Water Treatment Plant Operator II


Water Treatment Plant Operator II                     
Department:   Public Works

Exempt:__________ Non-exempt:____________                       Reports to:  Water/Wastewater Supervisor

Pay Range: $23.08 - $29.49 / hr  DOE                    Job#                      Effective Date:    September 12, 2022

GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY: The Water Treatment Plant Operator II has operational decision making at the Water Treatment Plants and must be available to operate the Water Treatment Plants during periods of time when treatment processes and operational decisions are made that affect public health.


  1. Operate the City's Water Treatment Plants to ensure the City has sufficient quantity of the highest quality water possible.
  2. Responsible for preparation and delivery of State monitoring and compliance reports. 
  3. Assist with short and long term planning to ensure that federal and state regulations are met and upcoming changes in regulations can be met.
  4. Responsible for the quality of the water in the distribution system.
  5. Responsible to ensure that customer services meet or exceed City policy.
  6. Participates in preparation of budget for Water Treatment Plants and the Springbrook Springs Collection system for Water/Wastewater Supervisors approval.
  7. Responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the Springbrook Springs Collection system and Watershed.


  1. Manage and maintain inventory of chemicals and supplies necessary for the operation of the Water Treatment Plants.
  2. Responds to customer water quality concerns, takes action as needed and documents each concern and response.
  3. Perform State of Oregon and EPA approved water quality analysis as required.
  4. Performs all State of Oregon and EPA approved water quality testing for the distribution system.
  5. Purchase supplies, services and equipment following established City purchasing policies, under indirect supervision of the Water/Wastewater Supervisor.
  6. Assist the staff operating the Water Distribution system.
  7. Provide for compliance of all City, State and Federal safety rules and regulations, as well as departmental safety policies that apply to the Water Treatment Plants.
  8. Assist with goals and objectives regarding Water Treatment Plant production and water quality including those assigned by the Water/Wastewater Supervisor, Oregon Health Department and USEPA.
  9. Assist with policies and procedures regarding Water Treatment Plant production and water quality including those assigned by the Water/Wastewater Supervisor, Oregon Health Department and USEPA.
  10. Responsible for monitoring and compliance with the City's NPDES Discharge permit for the Springbrook Water Treatment Plant.
  11. Participate in review of plans and specifications for Water Treatment Plant capital improvement projects and assist in coordination of projects with consulting engineers and contractors.
  12. Maintain membership and communication with organizations such as UBOS, AWWA, OAWU and PNCPA, as allowed by administration.
  13. Maintain open communication with surrounding water treatment departments and personnel.
  14. Coordinate with parks department to optimize irrigation schedules.
  15. Perform delinquent water service disconnects as needed.
  16. Assist with daily service calls as.
  17. Act as relief operator for the Wastewater Treatment Plant as needed.

The Water Treatment Plant Operator II performs within parameters set by the Oregon Health Department Drinking Water Program (as addressed in OAR 333-061), Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (OAR 340} and parameters set by City of Myrtle Creek policy. The Water Treatment Plant Operator II is responsible to see that City's treatment plant and system and personnel operate within the parameters outlined in the above OAR's and City policies.

Failure to comply with established procedures and regulations could result in punishment of fines or imprisonment of the operator, as set forth in OAR's and USEPA guidelines, or civil proceedings. Failure to comply with established procedures and regulations could result in fines or civil proceedings for the City also.

This position is directly accountable to the Water/Wastewater Supervisor. This position is indirectly accountable to the Public Works Director, City Administrator, City Council, and all City water customers.

The Water Treatment Plant Operator II is authorized to make purchases for supplies and services on the City's behalf as set forth by City policy. The Water Treatment Plant Operator II has no authority to dispose of capital assets owned by the City.

The Water Treatment Plant Operator II is involved in all planning regarding the Water Treatment Plants, Springbrook Springs, and the water distribution system.


This is not a supervisory position. The Operator II will provide guidance to relief operators and any un­ certified operators.


The Water Treatment Plant Operator II communicates on a daily basis with co-workers, other water treatment departments, vendors, regulatory agencies and customers. Communications are made verbally (face to face and by radio or telephone} or written.


  • Skilled in planning, organizing, supervising, coordinating, reviewing, evaluating, and personally participating in the functions and activities of a conventional water treatment plant.
  • Be able to collect, conduct and interpret chemical and physical tests of water using methods outlined in Standard Methods, City operating procedures or State OARs.
  • Be able to make process changes based on lab tests or changing conditions.
  • Be skilled in the operation and maintenance of all common water plant equipment.
  • Be knowledgeable of all applicable state and federal regulations.
  • Must be skilled in mathematics.
  • Be skilled in spreadsheet, database, and word processor programs.
  • Be skilled in SCADA systems, PLC's and various mediums of telemetry.
  • Knowledgeable of hazards and applicable safety procedures involved in the water treatment process.
  • Be skilled in recognizing, correcting, or reporting dangerous operating conditions.
  • Must be able to work independently or as a team.
  • Must be able to use tact, initiative, prudence and independent judgment within general policy, procedural and legal guidelines.
  • Possess excellent verbal communication skills
  • Be able to represent the City in a professional manner when dealing with customers.
  • Must possess the ability to prepare clear and concise oral and written reports, memos, and analyses using a variety of mediums.
  • Operate a variety of equipment such as tractors or backhoes.


  • Possession of an Oregon Water Treatment Level II license. Essential Function of Job
  • Possession of an Oregon Water Filtration Endorsement. Essential Function of Job.
  • Possession of a valid Oregon driver's license. Essential Function of Job.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED.
  • Three years of operational decision-making experience in a conventional/membrane water treatment plant.


Walking, standing, bending and limited amounts of crawling and climbing are required. Considerable time is spent outdoors in prevailing weather conditions and hazardous conditions. Most tasks are performed in wet conditions. There is risk of exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals. Maintenance of the springs requires the ability to traverse long distances of undeveloped steep ground. Must be able to climb or descend stairs and work off of ladders at considerable heights. Must be able to enter into confined spaces. Must be able to work around loud conditions. Requires recurring lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 100 pounds. Due to the nature of the Water Treatment Plant Operator II position, this operator should be available via some means of communication at all times. Regular on-calls periods (to be determined) are also required when necessary.

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