Urban Renewal


The City of Myrtle Creek Urban Renewal Plan (Plan) was adopted and approved by Ordinance 819 on August 21, 2018, and amended by Ordinance 821 on November 20, 2018. The URA “maximum Indebtedness”, as defined by statute is $8,059,393. There are 103 acres designated in the Myrtle Creek Urban Renewal Area.

The Myrtle Creek Urban Renewal Agency was formed to redevelop underutilized and blighted areas in downtown Myrtle Creek and the South Main Street area. While a separate and distinct agency was formed according to Oregon statute, the governing board consists of the same group of people as the Myrtle Creek City Council. This is common among URAs throughout Oregon. The agency and its activities are funded by tax increment financing.

The Plan was developed under the guidance of the Myrtle Creek City Council, City staff and Elaine Howard Consulting LLC. This committee met three times during the course of the planning process and also participated in two public workshops. All meetings were open to the public for discussion and comment. The committee will continue to meet regularly to develop rec-ommendations to the Urban Renewal Agency on the implementation of the plan when funds begin to be received.


When developing the URA Plan and Report, the Committee formulated a series of Goals and Objectives to guide activities funded by or related to the URA. The Goals and Objectives are listed in the Plan and are reiterated here:

Goal A: Development and redevelopment of properties within the area.
Goal B: Downtown improvements such as streetscape, façade improvement and improved parking
Goal C: Plan Administration

2023-2024 Approved Urban Renewal Agency Budget

2024-2025 Proposed Urban Renewal Agency Budget