Parks Commission

The Park Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Myrtle Creek Council Chambers located at 207 NW Pleasant Street, Myrtle Creek, OR 97457.

The responsibilities of the commission shall consist of the power and duty to advise the city council and administrator concerning the management, care, improvements and control of the public parks and recreation facilities now in existence and those which may hereafter be established. More specifically:

(1) Define the objectives of park facilities and services and make plans and general policies harmonizing with them.

(2) Recommend the form of recreation or cultural activities which should be conducted on park facilities.

(3) Recommend park policy and regulations.

(4) Recommend park development goals and time tables.

(5) Keep the public informed of park and recreation needs and programs.

(6) Make recommendations as to the rate or amount of any necessary service charges required for the use of any recreation facilities under the jurisdiction of the city.

(7) Be responsible for scheduling recreational and cultural activities at city parks.

(8) Coordinate recreation programs with other organizations.

(9) Coordinate volunteer park improvement projects.

(10) Seek alternative funding sources for park development.

(11) Recommend sound fiscal plans to achieve park development goals.

(12) Review annual budget for park development with the city administrator or his designee prior to submittal to budget committee.

(13) Any other activities which are consistent with the above responsibilities.

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