On-Street Parking

Dear Myrtle Creek Residents,

As our community continues to grow it has become increasingly important to ensure that our neighborhoods remain safe and accessible for all residents. To that end, it has been determined that a stricter enforcement of the existing municipal code regarding on-street parking be taken, specifically in regards to the parking of recreational vehicles. This decision has been made after careful consideration of the concerns expressed by many residents regarding public safety and obstructed visibility. The specific code is as follows:

  • 18.90.010 Parking, storage or use of major vehicle and equipment (MCMC)
    Parking. No major recreational equipment shall be parked on any city street for a period exceeding 24 hours during loading or unloading except with a "permit for sleeping purposes only." Unless authorized by the City Administrator or Public Works Director, vehicles or trailers designed to be towed by a vehicle are prohibited from parking on a street within the city at any time if the combination of motor vehicle and trailer is longer than 40 feet, wider than eight feet six inches or weighs in excess of 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW) or any vehicle that requires a commercial driver's license.
  • Definition. For purposes of this section, "major recreational equipment" is defined as including boats and boat trailers, travel trailers, pick-up campers or coaches (designed to be mounted on automotive vehicles), motorized dwellings, tent trailers and similar equipment, whether occupied or not. [Ord. 836 § 1 (Exh. 8), 2020; Ord. 508 § 4.06.0, 1982].

We understand that residents will need time to locate storage facilities for recreational vehicles that are currently parked on-street. Because of this there will be 30-day grace period from the time of this notice to allow residents to make arrangements for their recreational vehicles.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and commitment to the safety and well-being of our community. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding our parking regulations, please feel free to contact Police Chief Jonathan Brewster at (541-863-5222 I jpbrewster@myrtlecreek.org) or visit our city website at www.cityofmyrtlecreek.com.