A message from Chief Manie Pires to the Citizens of the City of Myrtle Creek:

The MCVFD was established in 1903 with the mission of saving lives and protecting property from fires.  

The duties of a fire department have changed over the years. The staff of the MCVFD focus on fire prevention, public education, risk reduction, and hazard abatement, in addition to fire and rescue response and control. We still fight fire, but we also respond to other emergency situations including vehicle extrications, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, structural collapse, swift water rescue, and any natural or man-made disasters.

The Department provides an inspection and permitting program to make our building environment safer for all City residents, business owners, customers, and visitors.  In addition, the Department provides public fire and safety education programs through direct contact, special presentations, and media releases.

The men and women of the MCVFD are committed to fulfilling our modern day mission and to continually improving our ability to meet the goal of making the City of Myrtle Creek as safe as possible to its citizens.

Manie Pires
Myrtle Creek Fire Chief

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The Myrtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department is committed to the protection of life, property, and the environment from fire, medical, and disaster related incidents through emergency mitigation, public education and code enforcement. The methods used to accomplish this mission are emergency response, advanced life support, EMS, prevention, control, training, and public education.

Department Overview

The MCVFD is a volunteer department with 40 firefighters.  The Department has seven officer positions that take care of the administrative duties.  The Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Medical Officer, Training Officer, Battalion Chief, 1st and 2nd Lieutenant.  MCVFD operates out of the fire station located at 601 Riverside Drive.

By the end of 2014 MCVFD logged over 330 responses to calls.  These numbers represent many types of calls and daily activities. They include EMS, fires, false alarms, good will calls, service calls, public education, company fire surveys and training.  Besides those activities you can always see the MCVFD participates in a number of community events that return over $35,000 to the community each year.   
The MCVFD is committed to provide dependable service in a professional manner while showing compassion for those in need.  We will protect lives, property, and the environment through fire suppression, emergency services, hazardous materials mitigation, fire prevention, and public education.

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Disaster Preparedness: 

Myrtle Creek has experienced many natural disasters in the past, including fires, floods and severe storms. One thing for sure, we can expect nature to strike again. 

For this reason, residents and businesses should be prepared to handle these emergencies for the first 72 hours of the disaster.  To learn how, click on the information below:

For more information, go to:

Want to become a Volunteer Fire Fighter?

Myrtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department is looking for men and women, 18 years of age or older, who are interested in providing a valuable and necessary service to their community.  We provide the training, the equipment and you provide the desire to do something great with your free time. 

If this sounds like you, Please contact the Fire Department at:  541-863-3852