Comprehensive Plan

The Myrtle Creek Comprehensive Plan is a long-range general policy guide in which the City of Myrtle Creek and Douglas County jointly set forth major policies concerning desirable future growth within the Myrtle Creek\Tri City Urban Growth Area. Being comprehensive, its scope
extends to physical, social, economic, administrative and fiscal matters, Being general, it summarizes policies and proposals rather than prescribes specific locations or detailed regulations.

The Comprehensive Plan is not intended to provide answers to all the questions which arise from the growth and development of the urban area. Zoning ordinances, official maps, and subdivision regulations are designed to provide specific and detailed standards for the implementation of the Plan's general policies. Capital improvement programs and their accompanying budgets and special purpose regulations are also tools meant to effectuate the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan indicates broad categories of land use throughout the urban area, whereas the detailed instruments delineate boundaries and specify regulations, timing, procedures and costs.

Through the Comprehensive Plan, the City of Myrtle Creek and Douglas County have jointly considered and agreed upon a coherent, unified set of general long-range policies for the physical, social and economic development of the community. By focusing on the formulation of general policies, the Plan provides a framework for the involvement of both the governing body and the public in the planning process. Thus, an opportunity is created for public discussion of the key issues facing the community. In this capacity, the Plan facilitates the clarification of ideas, on the part of both the governing body and the public, with regard to the type of community they are trying to create by their many specific decisions. Policies, both explicit and implicit, are brought out into the open to insure their determination through democratic processes.

To help establish such a policy framework throughout the state, the Oregon Legislature has mandated that a Comprehensive Plan be developed for each city and county in Oregon. The legislative intent is that the local Comprehensive Plans act as the guiding land use document that ensures each community will grow in a timely, economical and efficient manner. To ensure this objective is achieved, the State Legislature has also mandated statewide coordination of all local planning activities through the establishment of a number of Statewide Planning Goals. These Goals, which were first adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) in 1977, serve as the primary framework for all local government land use plans in Oregon. The Statewide Goals presently in effect are listed below; although only Goals 1 through 14 are applicable to the Myrtle Creek Comprehensive Plan.

The Myrtle Creek Comprehensive Plan can be accessed here.