Municipal Court

The Myrtle Creek Municipal Court was established by City Charter to adjudicate violations of the City's municipal laws occurring within the city limits, which include misdemeanor crimes.

The City of Myrtle Creek has also adopted the Oregon State Vehicle Code by ordinance, which gives the Myrtle Creek Municipal Court jurisdiction over these offenses within the city.

Court sanctions may include fines, time in jail, community service, diversion/probation, or other  alternative programs, depending upon the severity of the offense and the  defendant's history with the court.


Are you interested in receiving a fine reduction without having to appear before a judge? If so, the Violations Bureau may be the option for you.

The Violations Bureau is a choice provided by the Myrtle Creek Municipal Court to resolve eligible minor traffic violations with a reduction in the base fine. Per ORS 153.800, Myrtle Creek Municipal Court clerks have been appointed by the Presiding Judge to serve as Violations Bureau clerks. The Violations Bureau clerks have the authority to review the defendant's driving record and reduce the base fine amount based upon this review. The Violations Bureau clerk cannot take into account any extenuating circumstances or explanations for the citation. Defendants wishing to offer an explanation or provide evidence of mitigating circumstances related to the issuance of the citation must appear before a judge.

Are you eligible for the Violations Bureau?

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a base fine reduction through the Violations Bureau:

  1. Citation is for a traffic violation listed on the Violations Bureau Fine Reduction Schedule
  2. Have fewer than three (3) moving violation convictions within the past two years
  3. The current offense was not committed within a school zone or construction zone

If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, you may contact the court in person or by phone for additional information.

Violations Bureau Reduction at Court

You may participate in the Violations Bureau reduction process by coming to the front counter of the Myrtle Creek Municipal Court to speak with a Court clerk. The clerk will review your driving record to confirm eligibility. If eligible, the clerk will have you sign option #2 on the back of your Citation and initial a plea above your signature.

You may appear before a Violations Bureau clerk on regular business days at the Municipal Court Office at the Myrtle Creek Police Department 8:00 - 5:00 (closed from noon-1:00). Payment of the reduced amount may be paid with VISA, MasterCard, check or cash.
If you have questions or need more information about the Violations Bureau, please contact the court at (541) 863-5222.

Criteria for Dismissing a Driving Uninsured Ticket

These requirements must be met in order to dismiss the charge of Driving Uninsured in Myrtle Creek Municipal Court.

  1. You must provide an insurance card or a letter from an insurance company, which contains the following:1.   States a description of  the vehicle that you were driving at the time of the citation, which must also match what is listed on your citation.
  2. States the period of coverage, including the date cited.  For example:  If you were cited on       08/01/11, the period of coverage might be 07/01/11 to 12/01/11.
  3.  If you were also cited for Driving While Suspended or No Oregon Driver's License, you must provide a letter from the insurance company that includes an acknowledgement that the policy covers drivers that do not have a valid Oregon license.
  4. You or your insurance company may send proof of insurance by electronic media to  It is your responsibility to contact the Court at 541-863-5222 to confirm the charge has been dismissed.

If you have entered a "NOT GUILTY" plea and have a date set for a Bench Trial, you may avoid  the trial date by PROVIDING PROOF OF INSURANCE ON OR BEFORE THE FRIDAY  PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED TRIAL DATE.